The Sacrificial Rites for Sending off Epidemic Gods by Changsing Temple in Sucuo of Anding District

The principal deities worshiped at Changsing Temple in Sucuo of Anding District are the twelve epidemic/plague gods appointed to patrol the area on behalf of the Heavenly God. They are Marshal Jhang, Marshal Yu, Marshal Hou, Marshal Geng, Marshal Wu, Marshal He, Marshal Sue, Marshal Fong, Marshal Jhao, Marshal Tan, Marshal Lu, and Marshal Luo, also known as the Twelve Lords of A Thousand Years, respectively. Legend has it that in March, 1679 (the 18th year of the reign of Emperor Daoguang in Cing Dynasty), people in the two villages, Sucuo and Lincuo, received a King Boat at Sipu along Zengwun River (the old Taijiang Inner Sea) and reckoned it auspicious. Therefore, they cordially welcomed the boat to the villages and built a grass temple to settle and worshipped it on the bank of Zengwun River (No. 335 in Sucuo of Tackalan, a.k.a. Anding District during the Japanese Rule). Due to the fact that Zengwun River changed its course regularly, the temple was forced to move to different sites a number of times. It was not until 1948 that the temple had been constructed on its present site. The existing temple, which was built in the style of the Southern Chinese architecture, was completed, and has stood here for more than 300 years.