The Inspection Tour of the Returning to Baijiao” Rites by Cihji Temple in Syuejia District

The “Returning to Baijiao” Rites of Syuejia is organised each year by Cihji Temple, whose principal deity is Baosheng Dadi (literally the Life Protection Emperor; a Chinese god of medicine). The rites are primarily held on the 9th to 11th of the third lunar month each Year of the Rat, the Dragon, and the Monkey, and whose scale was expanded to be given the name “Syuejia Incense Offering Ceremonies.” In the reign of Emperor Daoguang during Cing Dynasty, the “Returning to Baijiao” Rites were beginning to take shape, and the Syuejia Incense Offering Ceremonies were fully developed in 1981. During the 1980s, the trend to seek roots started to emerge in Taiwan, and thus, the “Returning to Baijiao” Rites, whose original intention was to revisit the ancestral temple to extend their gratitude, was recognised by the existing government. The government provided Cihji Temple in Syuejia with funds to hold all kinds of contests for troupe formations and to construct demonstration sites of old-time farms. Additionally, the Interior Minister assumed the position as the honorary chairperson to be responsible for organising the religious rites.