Tucheng Incense Offering Ceremonies by Luermen Shengmu Temple

Tucheng Incense Offering Ceremonies are carried out by Shengmu Temple, whose principal deity is Mazu. The orthodox Luermen Shengmu Temple was named Baoan Temple. In the early days, the temple practised the rituals of Sigang Incense Offering Ceremonies. Starting from 1951, the temple broke away and organised its own incense offering ceremonies, and hence, made it the latest temple to hold its own Incense Offering Ceremonies every three years among others. When the Incense Offering Ceremonies are held in Shengmu Temple in Tucheng, the King Boat (was received a hundred year ago and is often worshipped in the temple) is moved to the front of the temple, so that followers can worship the boat. The King Boat is a common feature in the sacrificial rites for sending off of epidemic gods, but the one in Tucheng is only worshipped and not sent away. Upon completion of the ceremonies, the King Boat is sent back to the temple. This is the most distinct difference from other temples.