Package Tours

“In-depth Temple Festivals Trips”

Lion Travel has launched two in-depth guided tours: “Taiwan’s Foremost Sigang Incense Offering and Troupe Formations In-depth – 1 Day Trip” and “Taiwan’s Foremost Sigang King Boat Festival In-depth – 1 Day Trip.” For more information, please visit the website of “2018 Tainan’s Temple Festivals Year” and “Tainan Pass.”

“Superb Gorgeous Sigang Trip” – Tour Bus

A chartered bus takes tourists to cruise around the tourist attractions, see traditional cultures, appreciate ancient historic buildings, taste local delicacies, and participate in DIY activities in Sigang District. For more details, please visit the website of Sigang District Office. To sign up, call 06-7951840. 

Suggested Routes
1. Southwest Coast Route: National Museum of Taiwan History → Temples of Tainan Temple Festivals Year → Cigu, Jiangjyun, Beimen
2. Natural Moutains Route: Temples of Tainan Temple Festivals Year → Houbi, Baihe, Dongshan → Guanzihling Scenic Area

3. Metropolitan Route: Temples of Tainan Temple Festivals Year → Tainan downtown area → Chimei Museum 
4. Jhenhu Temple and Changsing Temple in Sucuo, Anding District → Shanhua Brewery of Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation→Tree Valley Life Science Museum
5. Cihji Temple in Syuejia District → Wanpi World Safari Zoo → Shuangchun Coastal Recreation Area
6. Luermen Shungmu Temple →Sicao Green Tunnel → National Museum of Tainan History
7. Daitian Temple in Madou District → Madou Old Port Cultural Park → Daofong Lagoon Museum → Nanying Tsung-Yeh Arts & Cultural Center
8. Cingan Temple in Sigang District → Cigu Lagoon → Taiwan Salt Museum → Cigu Salt Mountains
9. Kaitai Mazu Temple in Anping District→ Anping Fort (Zeelandia), Anping Old Street, Eternal Golden Castle → Sicao Green Tunnel → Taijiang National Park
10. Tainan's Grand Mazu Temple→ National Museum of Taiwan Literature, Hayashi Department Store, Tainan Confucius Temple Commercial District →  Jhengsing Street and Shennong Commercial District → The Judicial Museum, Blueprint Culture and Creative Park